Castasugar Feedback

Compliments are great, but criticism is more useful.

We'd really appreciate any feedback you may have about your experiences with Castasugar, so that we can evolve it to be more useful in the future. 

The Castasugar project this feedback relates to..
Support & Communications
Application support
Application support
Application support and project communications were provided in a timely and efficient manner...
Please let us know any thoughts, issues or suggestions you may have.
Using Castasugar
The application admin tools provided all our needs
The application admin was easy to use
The site performed well (in terms of speed, errors, and accessibility)
In view of the above, do you have any comments, issues or recommendations (other features you'd like to see)?
General comments/suggestions
Are there any other suggestions or issues that you'd like to share (price, options, design, etc)
If you've enjoyed working with us, we'd really appreciate your recommendation.