CastaBlasta Applicant Database

Over the past 10 years, CastaSugar has built and maintains a pool of over 90,000 potential applicants based on new and existing television productions. 

This isn't just names and emails ...

Applicant demographics (name, age, gender, postcode, ethnicity, occupation, show and casting interests, etc) are contained within a database that allows targeting.

The ability to target within this large database, enables us to narrow down with very specific criteria and tailor a message to your desired cast - and only attract the most relevant individuals to apply

Targeting examples

  1. 18-24 year old Females from regional Victoria, who are married and Australian citizens/permanent residents, interested in taking part in game shows.

  2. Over 50 year old (all genders), Sydney metropolitan who are single and of lower socio economic status, who are interested in relationships.

We’ve quickly provided difficult to find applicants for productions including You Can’t Ask That, Catalyst among many others.

Criteria can be as complex or as simple as required to narrow or increase invite numbers.


Once we’ve determined your criteria, we build the segment and invite the applicants to apply with a branded email.

It's the most cost effective means to acquire applicants currently available.

The Numbers

The following applicant segmentation numbers are accurate as at 14th May, 2019 (total in database at time: 88,700).  Other data available cover occupation, living arrangements (live at home, etc), citizen/resident status, shows interested in, suburb and postcode.


Casting interests


Regional/metropolitan targeting can be specified as either suburb or postcode ranges to narrow locations.

Age ranges

Age ranges are indicative. Ages can be specified in any range required.


Some examples of other data we can target:

Campaign Effectiveness/Costs

So... how effective are these campaigns, and what are the costs per applicant?

Over the last 2 years Castablasta campaigns have had an average open rate of over 50% and a clickthrough rate of  30%

The stats below are based on campaigns (sent at the start or during a casting), and cover a broad range of productions from the most popular reality shows (Block/MasterChef/etc) to the more obscure and difficult to cast shows (You can't ask that/Catalyst/etc).

How to engage

Just tell us what your desired applicant or production criteria is - and we'll provide the target numbers and a quote.

The service includes:

  • Customised branded email

  • Applicant segmentation/targeting

  • Campaign reports (showing actual daily engagement)

*CastaBlasta is only available for projects using the CastaSugar® casting application.